Building Better Barndominiums

As barndominiums continue to rise in popularity among homeowners, Aryex is proud to be a qualified barndominium builder in Southern Colorado. These in-demand structures offer practical solutions to hardworking people who want to enjoy a touch of luxury with their rural lifestyle. It is also perfect for individuals wanting to work from home. Combining both form and function, barndominiums are the perfect solution for clients who want to invest in the longevity of their home without sacrificing their investment. Due to their sturdy steel construction, these homes last longer than their counterparts that are made with more traditional materials. Plus, no aesthetic is sacrificed with barndominiums, as they provide that rustic charm that is desired by home buyers.

The Barndominium Process

buy land

The first step to your perfect barndominium is selecting a plot of land you want to build on. This is perhaps the hardest part of the process because Colorado has so much beauty to offer.


With the perfect plot of land selected, the planning stage can begin. This is the most enjoyable part of the process because you get to have a hand in the customization of your barndominium.


Once the plans are finished, the building process starts. Our highly skilled contractors take the plans and implement them. This is where our years of craftsmanship shine through.

Our Barndominiums

Do you already have a barndominium plan in mind? We encourage you to browse through our portfolio and explore some of the projects we have completed previously. Seeing some of our completed works will help you get an idea of the style we use when constructing barndominiums for clients.

Benefits of Barndominiums

Is a barndominium the right fit for you? If these benefits appeal to you and your lifestyle, you should consider choosing a barndominium for your next home.


In lieu of traditional building materials like wood or plaster, barndominiums utilize a steel-based construction. The walls, roof, and bones of the building are all steel. As long as a barndominium is maintained properly, its durability can easily outlast that of traditionally built homes.

Extra Space

Because barndominiums utilize metal materials in their construction, they are cheaper to build than standard homes. For clients, this means more space for less cost. In most cases, you can build a double sized barndominium for the same cost of a half-sized traditional home.

Short Building Timeline

It is no surprise that due to their steel construction, barndominiums are built differently than standard homes. In construction, labor costs can easily accumulate, driving up the price of a home, but with barndominiums you maximize building time while saving money.

Barndominium FAQs

Barndominiums utilize different building materials than traditionally built houses. By using steel and metal as a base structure, they are cheaper and more durable than typically built options. 

Generally yes, most mortgage lenders will help finance the construction of a barndominium.

Barndominiums have only recently become popular with homeowners, but they do hold their value competitively.

With the proper maintenance of the steel structure, roof, and walls, a well-kept barndominium will last for well over 50 years.

Because it has been shown that they retain value, they are an excellent choice for cost conscious homeowners. Plus, who can resist a rustic home surrounded by the bountiful beauty Colorado has to offer?

Barndominium Builders
in Colorado Springs

If you are looking to build your ideal barndominium, look no further than Aryex. As a construction company in Colorado Springs, we are ready to put our expertise to work to build your rural getaway. Whether the low cost or the high durability are motivating your decision to build a barndominium, Aryex is ready to bring your dream to life. Contact us today to start on your dream barndominium.